Ordinary Goodness: No Lettuce Salad

My husband loves salads.  The other day I had lots of nice roma tomatoes, half an onion, perhaps two teaspoonfuls of capers, a couple handfuls of calamata olives, part of an avocado, and perhaps two pounds of diced up nicely seasoned pot roast leftovers. I did not have any lettuce. Creating a salad from these ingredients to feed the hungry comes under the umbrella of my vocation. Writing about my no lettuce salad comes under that umbrella too. Here is how I tackled making my salad: For each person, I cut up two tomatoes, a little bit of onion, a … Continue reading

History Texts and Learning Resources Recommendations

I used to hate history. It was a boring jumble of unrelated dates and isolated incidents completely focused on politics and economics that had no power to capture my imagination and thus could not be remembered.  BORING! Not anymore!  Several things came along to wake up my brain and make history something that I not only no longer dislike but I happily spend hours studying it! Dr. Warren H. Carroll wrote a series of World History texts titled his Christendom Series.  His writing turned me from a non-history learner to a person who enjoys the study of history. He made … Continue reading

Cooking by a person who hates to cook…

I love my slow cooker. I love pot roast. Tonight’s roast is 3.4 pounds of cheap pot roast, with most of a bag of red potatoes, two onions, a large bunch of carrots, one eggplant, four stalks of celery, two cans of cream of mushroom soup and water used to rinse the cans poured in too. I use a 6 qt crock pot brand slow cooker.  It is a simple one, with a broken hinge on the lid but the lid still works fine without it, and it does low, high, warm and off. Very simple. Rinse the roast and … Continue reading