Making Music Praying Twice

Beginning to home school preschool/pre-K and selected some materials for a classical curriculum and some materials from Catholic Heritage Curricula, I have purchased a home copy of the music program Making Music Praying Twice.   This is a really well done early music education program. First, it is fun and can be done very informally.  Mom sings and dances and enjoys the music while supplying shakers and other small instruments and scarves of light flow-y material, and the children join in as they please. It is aimed at demonstrating the DOING of music and not passive enjoyment. Second, there is a … Continue reading

Catholic Writer’s Guild LIVE! Conference REVIEW

I spent most of this past week in Arlington taking in the amazing Catholic Writer’s Guild Live! Conference, that took place in the same place as the Catholic New Media Conference, and the Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show.  WOW!!!  It has taken me nearly three days of recovery to even begin to absorb all that I attended. First, the good.  I loved meeting people whose blogs and books I have read, am reading, or would like to read. That was so very very FUN I can barely handle it yet.  Give me time.  I’m a mite slow in managing input … Continue reading

Quicksilver to Gold is now an Ignatius Press Affiliate!

We are delighted to announce that our blog has been accepted as an affiliate of Ignatius Press and when you go to their web site by way of one of the Ignatius icons on this blog and make a purchase you help to support this blog. Ignatius carries MANY excellent books. Following are a few examples: Didache series:  If you look under Catechesis: Didache you will find an excellent series of exceptionally well done texts for teenage catechesis.  I recommend these books because I’ve purchased them and found them colorful and filled with orthodoxy and plenty of it.  Not light … Continue reading