Ordinary Beauty VI: health

Our culture does not value beauty beyond its relationship to function or earning power. Girls are taught to pursue careers and earn good money; they are taught to develop a career before they consider marriage and family. Men seek wives who can add a solid second paycheck; men used to seek wives who had the skills to create a beautiful home for a family. There was a time when the beauty created by home makers was valued. Girls were taught the skills and could expect to have those skills valued. ¬†Those days are long gone. Our culture glorifies the career … Continue reading

Cooking by a person who hates to cook…

I love my slow cooker. I love pot roast. Tonight’s roast is 3.4 pounds of cheap pot roast, with most of a bag of red potatoes, two onions, a large bunch of carrots, one eggplant, four stalks of celery, two cans of cream of mushroom soup and water used to rinse the cans poured in too. I use a 6 qt crock pot brand slow cooker.¬† It is a simple one, with a broken hinge on the lid but the lid still works fine without it, and it does low, high, warm and off. Very simple. Rinse the roast and … Continue reading