A Fun Event: Tourney of Squires, Cadets and Aracarius

I had so much fun this Saturday! Baby in tow, outdoors, social FUN! The fun of an organization like the Society for Creative Anachronism is that it encourages a study of history that is oriented to the people and how they actually lived, then creating aspects of that way of life without the elements that were, well, not so fun. This weekend’s event, only an hour from where I live so I could easily drive there, enjoy the day and drive home, was an outdoor event. Here is the top of the blurb from their facebook event page: Tourney of … Continue reading

Ordinary Goodness: Baby Smell

Recently not much is getting done around here in the housework or writing realm.  The reason is that I am in love! Ah, yes, the joys of a new baby in the family.  Snuggle time for now, the house can wait, the writing can wait, the baby will not wait. I love the smell of the top of a baby’s head.  That warm soft fuzz accompanied by a soft odor that is unique to babies.  You can keep your “new car smell” because there is no smell better than that of one of my babies.  I could sit and snuggle … Continue reading