Immigration– My Thoughts and Ideas

Immigration is a hot topic these days and what is happening to families here illegally is all over the news. Do not blame government for enforcing our laws as it is supposed to do. Blame ourselves! WE the CITIZENS created those laws through our elected officials. WE the CITIZENS can change them. We can visit and write letters to all the elected officials about the need to change the laws. WE need to stop the bitching and moaning. WE are culpable for the laws because we are CITIZENS with the right to vote in primaries and elections. Those separated families are OUR fault!

Now, some will say that we need a wall at the border. We need our borders secured–absolutely!! Have you written your congressmen and congresswomen yet to demand they pass legislation that funds, builds, maintains, and puts border patrol agents on that wall?  NO? Then stop complaining and write the letter you ought to have written long ago!

These are my personal thoughts about the current situation of families who crossed our border illegally seeking a better life. I initially wrote it somewhere else, and realized I could do more with it on my blog. It is long so please read it all, read it carefully, and re-read it before sending me scathing comments.

WE citizens of these United States need to THINK! WE make the laws by our elected officials and WE can change the laws by walking into the offices of these elected officials and asking for change. NUMBERS of CITIZENS showing up and speaking about the need for changing the laws can change them!! If those elected officials don’t enact the laws we want, then we should help elect someone else.

I am upset by the families separated at the border. First, our laws are not optional! They must be either enforced or changed. I know the people in the news broke the law; the question is, should this law be changed? Is this law just? Does it do anything to honor the rights of citizens? Most of these parents would come across legally if they could– why cannot we tackle this at the core?

Reading in Church teaching I note two things that if followed should be good all around.

First, Citizens of this country have the right…

  1. to a secure border,
  2. to know who is here,
  3. to expect immigrants to work hard to learn our language, laws and customs.
  4. to expect our laws be enforced
  5. to expect our government to expel violent criminal immigrants as unworthy


Second, Immigrants should…

  1. respect the country hosting them,
  2. learn to be patriotic, honor our American customs
  3. work hard and pay taxes
  4. learn her language
  5. obey her laws

Church teaching is that we must be compassionate to those who are fleeing persecution but NOT at the expense of our citizens. Thus, violent immigrants should be tried, convicted, and expelled (or shot). Because our laws MATTER and NOBODY has the right to abuse the people of this country.  


I want the border wall.  I want the border wall to be very well guarded.  I want places for migrating animals to cross that have armed guards licensed to shoot to kill to keep humans from crossing in those places. I want cameras streaming so that citizens can watch and call in when they see someone trying to climb the wall–we have enough elderly people who might find it a good use of their time.  BUT THE WALL IS NOT ENOUGH.

A border wall, well guarded, combined with revamped crossing places where those seeking asylum can give name, hand prints, documenting of who they are, declare a parish home(to act as a temporary address), agree that any criminal activity on their part COULD be grounds for expulsion (expel the violent criminals, drug dealing criminals, and gang members), that they will pay taxes and avoid use of the welfare system until citizens, would give a proper structure for this.  THIS IS PART OF REVAMPING THE IMMIGRATION SYSTEM.

Anyone here without proper documentation would need to cross the border out of the country and then turn around and enter to be processed. Give a 3 yr window for this and THEN start rounding up those who have not remedied their situation.  I just heard someone whine about the cost to take a bus to the border, and back–well, Jesus gave his commands to INDIVIDUALS– if it bothers you then start a ministry to pay for the bus tickets or to hire buses to take undocumented/illegal aliens to the border so they can cross to come in and be documented.


If immigrants work and pay taxes and avoid welfare of any sort, and obey all the laws for 10 years they ought to be eligible to become citizens. If they get even so much as a ticket, their ten years starts over but we don’t kick them out unless they are convicted of a violent felony or prove to be habitual criminals.

Bypassing the need for a lengthy lawyer ridden process, they should be able to use their ID, color coded to where they first entered the US, to file forms and ask to take the exam, which, once approved to take it, ought to be given on a computer in a government office, if they fail any portion, they will know instantly and will be allowed to take the test again, with a week between attempts for further study.  Once they pass the exam, they go on a list to be notified when the next opportunity to gather and take the oath of citizenship will be. 

After all, don’t we WANT hard working families?


Its the criminals we do not want.  One might ask, but what about those who become citizens and break the law? If you mean commit a violent felony– I think they ought to have their citizenship revoked if convicted. Outside of a probationary period they should be treated as any other citizen who committed a violent felony.  Those immigrants in Maine who made a mob and terrorized citizens beating one to death with pipes and bats should be tried and executed and their families deported. A hard line is needed when persons immigrate to create violence on our land!


I think if someone commits an act of terrorism that not only that immigrant but their entire family should be expelled from this country. You blow up a bomb? All non-citizens in your family are deported, anyone on probation in your family is deported, and the terrorist should be tried and executed. The common good requires a hard line against violence, ESPECIALLY when committed by non-citizens.


Anyone who is here legally and who has no criminal record should be assumed to be on the path to citizenship. They should have the right to self defense, and thus should be eligible for concealed carry permits the same as anyone else.


Working people are not the problem, not really, its the problem is the criminals (a mom seeking a life of relative safety and hope for her kids is just not a criminal in my eyes even though she broke our laws–but we are culpable for the open border and lack of a legal path that works for these people). We need to be WAY harder on violent criminals here illegally or legally. A gang of thugs who beat someone to death should be tried and if non-citizens expelled permanently from the country.

Our laws are not optional!!! Enforce them, and if we the people find a law unjust—WE must act to change it!

Dear Lord, please help us to create and enforce good laws, to change bad ones, and to enforce those laws which are for the common good. +Amen.


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