Intentional Community: Classical Conversations

Today’s Intentional Community is a home schooling community based on the classical approach to education. This particular classical program is called CLASSICAL CONVERSATIONS. Now I have long been an admirer of the classical style of education and have used materials from home school sources that are classical in design, but this is something a bit different. This is a structured approach that supports the parent in the educational goals set within their family.

Classical Conversations is a once a week day school where parents and students gather and tutors introduce the new materials to everyone. This gives parents the ability to follow a classical format even if not classically trained themselves. The remainder of the week is normal home schooling with parent chosen curriculum and practicing the material introduced that week.

For a parent needing the support of an intentional community, this is an excellent program. It covers subjects in an orderly manner, repeating the cycle every three years in the younger levels. Next skills are added to fun memory work, and then the challenge level where the student uses the skills and materials memorized to interact with the world using reason, logic, and increasing independence. The intended result is a well rounded young adult ready to take their learning in any direction they choose.

However, the most important part is the intentional community that grows between the parents and students and the tutors. This is a positive social community– and we know how wonderful it is to have that sort of community. Humans are naturally social, and this is one example of an intentional community that brings together parents with similar goals to help and encourage one another.

Dear Lord, thank You for intentional communities that support parents in the education of their children. +Amen.


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