Fasting from Shopping

Fasting is usually about foods, but with health issues, I’m fasting in a different way. I have committed to avoid shopping until after Easter. Every try to avoid buying anything, ANYTHING? Of course, if a child outgrows their shoes, I will buy what they need. Of course I am still buying horse feed and people foods. ┬áBut I am struggling to avoid buying any books, clothing, or anything not essential for health for myself.

I passed on several great coupons, passing them to others.

I passed on a new top put out by my favorite source for clothing.

I have avoided all the sales.

My sister gave me a very generous gift card to amazon. I love gift cards to amazon. WHAT to do?

I used it to send a baby gift to a first time mom. She blogs videos and I have enjoyed their adventures as a couple and their joy at the baby. So I sent her a gift. That felt wonderful. I used the gift card in a way that left me feeling HAPPY.

I did pick up a used copy of a biography for myself with the few dollars left over–which I suspect constitutes a cheat, but it was paid for by a gift card so I don’t feel so bad about it.

I DO feel bad about the paperback I bought a couple weeks ago when I was picking up a prescription at the pharmacy.

I think I should feel bad for pre-ordering a movie I want to watch. The guilt is there, a little, I think, but I am sorry to say I am not so upset as I ought to be for violating my goal!

Still, I am going to continue and steel myself to resist further purchases.  Less is more! Master your money! Discipline!

Dear Lord, thank You for the opportunity to grow in self discipline and generosity by way of fasting from shopping. I hadn’t recognized that I have a problem with shopping until I chose to fast from it. Please forgive me for the breaks, and help me to be strong and not repeat those failures or any others! +Amen.


UPDATE: am not perfect, will keep trying to stick to my ideal the remainder of Lent in spite of failures.

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