My Voices Are (almost) Back!

I am grateful for being able to go to the doctor and get an antibiotic. I don’t know what the problem was but the antibiotic has helped considerably.  Oddly enough the swab showed nothing, but I most certainly was not well!  Oh well, it is behind me and hopefully I will soon be all the way up for making a practice video.

My main voice, Goody Goodfellow, is almost himself again. Been struggling with Luther but Calvin seems to be settling in OK. Kleetus is glad to be whining away again and I am still not sure what he is going to end up looking like, and I am having an argument with a robot voice because he isn’t a robot but thinks he is.


So GLAD to be able to work on my drills again. Everything got rusty while I was laid up, unable to make the voices.  Like any instrument, the voice needs to be used with intention, and the skills must be practiced.

I’m horrified by the ground I have lost in mastering each unique voice.  On the other hand, my ability to switch between my voice and Goody’s voice seems to be progressing and I think I found Kleetus’ voice slightly faster than before.

Now I need a script, or rather several chunks, to work up an act! I feel I am ready to begin to work on more than one character at a time.

At any rate, I need to practice something!

Dear Lord, thank You for modern medicine and getting my voices back. Please help me to progress in my practice to ever greater levels of mastery. +Amen.


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