The Value of Silence

My word or theme for this year is SILENCE. I know I’m a bit repetitive but the experience has me thinking a lot about the need to cut out some of the noise in my life that keeps me from being present in my own day. I like to be more aware of my own emotions and those of my family. I like to be relaxed and able to connect with them. Last year was a very noisy year and so I am over-whelmed. This needs to change.

Oddly enough, blogging is part of getting away from the noise. A blog can be a very quiet place. Not many people go there. Rarely is there a comment. This is all OK. The reason for the blog is to meet the page with words. To think out loud on paper, virtual paper, but still a blank page.

Limiting when I check out my social media. I don’t miss anything by not visiting. The pictures of my grandkids will still be posted. I’ll see them first when I log on–I don’t have to hover on the computer waiting for them.

This week I failed to blog each day. It was OK. I spent more time communicating with my children at home. Well, actually, the kids and I have had a couple of shouting matches, but I also got to discuss eggs with my little chef, who is eager to master the art of the hard boiled egg. I heard from the youngest that the large block beads are no good strung but work well for towers. The little beekeeper is full of drama and not yet a teen. Not quiet exactly, but connected.

I read a book and finished reading another this week. I manage more real life with less time wasted online.  Email takes the same amount of time doing a days worth in the evening as it does when the evening is the third session. I delete most of it without reading it so why not do it all at one time?

I also turned off the music and the videos. Turned off a fan that was loud. Amazing how nice it is without all that going on.

I hope I can remember Silence the entire year.

Dear Lord, thank You for silence. Please help me to keep the commitment to Silence every day. +Amen.

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