Murphy’s Laws of Blogging? Or Lessons in Humility

I suspect I am meant to learn something about humility. Why do I suspect this? Well, I was asked if I wanted a flu shot and I boasted,  “Naw, I never get flu, in fact I rarely ever get sick.” Less than two weeks later I caught the incredible hulk of head colds, and it stayed, and stayed, for all the month of December, tormenting me with days of feeling better followed by a crash back into bed ridden misery.

I may be a wimp, or this may be something rather difficult to shake. Anyway, I went to the doctor and got the flu swab–it is not. Got a culture swab and was supposed to hear back today and nothing so now I get to wait until Monday when I can call them and ask.

I am day three of the antibiotic we started in the hopes of having chosen rightly. I don’t feel that much better. No better than I did as part of the up and down cycle this illness has exhibited since right after Thanksgiving. Right now I am uncertain if I will get to do ANYTHING I have planned for next week. Only two more days to feel up to Monday.

Meanwhile I feel chagrined that I so stupidly boasted and then this.

Dear Lord, thank You for lessons in virtue, and please heal me and anyone else who is unwell. +Amen.


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