Modest does not equal Frumpy

Our culture mocks modesty. It is said that modesty is frumpy but this is NOT true! Modesty is feminine and beautiful without being salacious or cheap.  Just because you don’t see modest feminine and beautiful clothing in the ladies magazines and fashion magazines does not mean that it does not exist. How do I know this? Because there are clothing stores online such as Holy Clothing where you can find beautiful, feminine, modest clothing. They make their clothing in Maxi, Midi and Mini. The Maxi is ankle to floor length depending on your height, the midi is tea length and the mini is short short.

I love the clothing they make.  For example, here is a skirt that I love : Holy Clothing Annika Maxi This skirt is full, sweeping, long and simply beautiful. The fabric is soft, the embroidery is beautiful, and the skirt is very comfortable. On a taller woman this is more like ankle length, but on short me it is longer and perfect because I do love a really long skirt.  AND they make many of their Maxi items in a shorter tea length version for persons who do not prefer their skirts extra long.

Another favorite of mine is the Catriona Flare Maxi dress.  This dress also comes in a tea length called the Catriona Midi. The Catriona Midi used to be called the Emily Tea Time but it was so confusing for people trying to order they simplified! On me the midi is knee length and I love wearing those over leggings or even jeans.

They also make very pretty tops like the one they call the Ivy. I love having a top that is pretty for over jeans and over plain skirts. I have, in the past, used their mini length dresses over slacks because I don’t consider short skirts at all modest, but both tops and mini dresses can be gorgeous.

Ever found the perfect dress but it doesn’t come in your colors? Yeah, too often. Holy Clothing has lots and lots of colors!

As does everything, there is the down side. First, rayon requires a gentle cold wash and laying flat or hanging up to dry.  Secondly,  when they arrive, the dresses still smell of the fixative used after dying the fabric. I wash my new items by themselves several times with extra rinses until the smell is gone. It is mildly annoying, but worth it for the results. Third, everything arrives in shifts so items go in and out of stock.  All these things are to keep the prices down. Dresses are still the best buy!

I love modesty and just wanted others to know that there ARE places to buy nice clothing that is modest, feminine, and beautiful. Holy Clothing isn’t the ONLY source, but it is a place to begin.

Dear Lord, thank You for sources of modest, beautiful, feminine clothing! +Amen.


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