We actually live in a warm climate area. Snow isn’t common, in fact, snow is uncommon, and snow that sticks is practically unheard of and snow that falls in multiple inches is miraculous and a cause for parents calling schools to tell them their kids would not be there that day due to snow. This was a couple weeks ago– a December snow!

Not sure why my sharp images are showing up blurred. I will be finding out what I did wrong! Figured it out, all fixed now!

Snow, and it was lovely, thick, and cold in the early morning light when I lept from the house with my camera to snap pictures.

Bill, sensible pony that he is, did not fuss. He stood quietly for this picture and then went right back to eating his hay. By noon the snow was almost completely gone!


Dear Lord, this world is amazing and we thank You for all of creation, especially beautiful snows and happy fat ponies. +Amen.

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