New Year thinking–on writing

Each year I put a new set of good things I would like to work on, to improve, expand, change, or grow into for the next year. I divide my 18 boxes in my planner into two groups, those that are about me, and those that are about others. Then I decide on 18 areas that I would like to grow in 2018.

One of those is about my writing, but also about my use of social media. I write, it is rather constant. But this past year I’ve done some of my deeper comments on life in discussions on Facebook where they vanish away.  I am not content with that, and I think it constitutes a poor use of my talent, and a poor use of social media. This I have decided to change, beginning now, the same day I decided to change it.

Today I blogged what is on my mind, and set posts to come up on different days. Will I manage to blog every day? I don’t know but for years I wrote morning pages. Every morning one hour of pouring thoughts down into a notebook. Random, anything that came to mind, and it did often result in greater clarity on life, and mental peace. It did not produce the desired increase in creativity in my writing.

I began, and will continue. I believe my family will benefit from my making time to let out the need to write and the resultant peace in me will make our home calmer too.

When seeking to help people come to Christ, we remind ourselves that living our faith is attractive, and that being ready to give an answer to the peace within us is important, and sharing about Jesus is a great benefit to others, and that ultimately it is not our efforts but those of the Holy Spirit that bring about conversion of life.  I was created to write, among other things, and in this blog I intend to do it even if nobody reads it. Obedience in actions offered up to God.

Perhaps I will share random photos I have taken as well.

Dear Lord, please bless my efforts to use those gifts you have given me. I do not want to be the cowardly servant who buried a talent and lost everything. I do want to be found faithful with little things. Please grant me the graces to succeed. +Amen.

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