New Year, New Curriculum

Each spring home school parents all over evaluate the past year.  Last year we did a curriculum change in the middle of the year because the one we were using simply did not suit the child using it. I loved the curriculum and had used it successfully with other children, but the current student not so much. End of year found us unhappy with the skills development in other subjects as well. New Year, New Curriculum and a few outside programs are the result.  We even thought about the public school and a Montessori school. As there are a couple weeks before school begins, those options remain open!

I picked up a math curriculum that comes with videos of a teacher teaching each concept called MATH U SEE. Mine love using the computer, so we will be doing math class via screen time and the exercises using manipulatives. One child will be enjoying a math concepts class at the home school center too. If this doesn’t boost the math understanding we will sign up to test for learning disabilities.

I hope to find a co-op with a math class that fits as well. A co-op can be an asset to the homeschool family.

What is a co-op in home school? It is a group of parents who have come together to help each other teach. Often the co-op is anchored by a parent who has the knowledge of advanced math to teach the older students. The parents offer what they do well to each other as a sort of barter system. Coops usually meet once a week and in between families continue to work at home using whatever curriculum they have chosen.

I used to be the kind of home school mom who had no interest in coops, but recently I find myself seeing how one could be of benefit to my children. Especially in math.

I’ve a Brave Writer conference coming up too. I am educating myself to better educate my children.

The Brave Writer language arts materials are awesome! I love how it is based on a routine for learning rather than a schedule. This is very much a home school pattern for learning. This is a learn about reading by doing sort of program. Copy work yields skills development aimed at making children proficient in language for their own use.

There are online Brave Writer Classes and Brave Writer videos. The videos are also searchable on youtube. The videos are for mom, to encourage and inspire. They are really really GOOD.

Brave Writer isn’t just for home school though. It would be excellent for families using the public and private schools who want to boost their language arts with at home enrichment. The routine can be applied after school as a good positive time with mom, dad, grandma, etc.

Dear Lord, Thank You for all the options for teaching our children. Please help all parents to choose well for themselves and their families. +Amen.

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