Travel Links

I return from the Vent Haven ConVENTion with great inspiration and a need to store the links that proved useful for my planned travels. proved to be an easy service to use when scheduling my flights. They were helpful in every imaginable way and patiently answered questions that came up as I added a TSA pre-check number so I could stand in a different line for security and not have to unlace the hiking boots I wear for foot support.  I was able to choose my seat on each flight too. This proved to be an excellent service.

Marriot  turned out to be another useful connection. Our ConVENTion was at one, but I have since found reasonable prices for other locations. Time will tell if I remain a fan of the company or not.

United Airlines: lived up to their reputation on baggage, but everything did get there! Surprisingly I found the seats comfortable, the staff very pleasant, and once I formulated the two personal item sized bags so as to carry my most valuable puppet with me in the cabin, there ceased to be a problem.  The BEST part was that once I had my itinerary from CheapAir printed out, with the TSA pre-check number on it, I was able, from the United website, to print my boarding pass 24 hours ahead and pre-check my big bag, paying the fee ahead of time. This helped keep my time at the airport much less stressful.   The Baggage page for United is the page where the size restrictions are located and explained. I found this information extremely useful!

This trip has been one of the best events of my life!

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