The Bee Keeping Home Educator

Kinesthetic learners do best when doing. Hands on, action, and linking this with the material to be mastered. This has been a huge shift in my understanding of my vocation as a home educating mom.

I’ve a bug nut. This is the kid who for most of her 7+ years has followed insects through the grass, getting up very close to see what they were doing. This is the kid who rescues bees from water buckets and places them on leaves to dry out and does not get stung.

This is the kid who needs to be channeled into pollinators and away from arachnids because mom is phobic.

Therefore this family now has a hive of bees.

Our first hive, first bees, and I honestly do not know what I am doing!

Of course, everyone has to have a bee suit. I have a white one, very thick layers of mesh, I can feel air movement through it but have not been stung yet.

The little bee keeper has a cute bee suit:

This is a really cute kids bee suit.

And this is part of the hands on style of education. Learning about insects, the environment, pollution, pesticides, plants, native plants vs invasives, native bees, other native pollinators, our food supply, simple basic economics…

Dear Lord, thank You for bees and all they do for humanity. +Amen.

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