HABITICA-a marvelous tool for productivity

Habitica is a marvelous online tool for organizing your day. The way Habitica works is to turn your work day into a role playing game. In this way, those things you need to do anyway are given instant rewards in a fun and stress free game setting.

You have this little icon, and some options for hair and skin color and clothing. The tasks that gain you gold and experience points are all linked to whatever tasks you input on the Task Page where you list your Habits (like practicing a musical instrument), Dailies (like home schooling, or showering), and To-Do (that to-do list for the day, week, month…). As you complete these things you will check them off and be instantly rewarded.

Dailies can hurt you. If there is a task that must be done every day, so you placed it on the daily list, you must do that task every day or it will remove some of your health!

By clicking off your Tasks, you gain gold, and are randomly rewarded eggs, armor, and food for the pets. When you level up, your health is restored and you have the opportunity to gain even better rewards.

At level 10, you are free to choose a role for your icon. Healer, Warrior, etc.

The success of your Icon character is dependent on what you get done that day. The more of your To-Do list you finish, the more of your Dailies you do, the more times you repeat that new habit you are working to develop, the better your little character does in the game!

An entire office group could use Habitica together, each developing their own character but then the characters can join together to go on a QUEST. Well, this quest only moves forward when the collective group is doing their Tasks! The success of the Quest also depends on the members choosing different roles so that there is an array of abilities represented.

I’m playing Habitica all alone–except I joined a few of the support groups, and that has been good too. I particularly like one that is about beginning again when you fail. We discuss the struggles and how to break down some goal into the tiniest particle of forward progress. I shall blog on that when I discuss Autoharp and Puppetry in later posts.

I use it in conjunction with my favorite planner but you do not have to do the same. I prefer a planner. I future plan on the monthly calendar, then move what I will actually do each week to the weekly planner page. This gives me the concrete planner I need when away from the computer AND the game setting helps me complete the tasks.

For those who do not wish to use a paper planner when away from the computer, Habitica does come in an app for use on smart phones and tablets. I prefer to combine with the paper planner.

Dear Lord, Thank You for the planners both paper and online. Thank You for the creative people who designed each and who run the website for Habitica. +Amen.

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