My Camera

I love photography. I’ve blogged about my past cameras and current needs. I enjoyed the process of looking for a new camera, wanting something powerful enough to replace a DSLR, yet lighter weight so I could use it more.  I did find and buy a camera that hit the sweet spot for me.

Sweet! Takes lovely photos. It has all my favorite DSLR qualities AND it does the fun stuff my iPad does– like panoramas.  The built-in lens is a Leica designed lens, and it is a wonderfully fun zoom.  There may be faster, more professional cameras out there, but I am so happy with this darling.

I’ve already spent an American Heritage Girl’s Award ceremony running around taking pictures:

I’d do more pictures but haven’t permission from all the moms!  Still, the performance of my new camera under less than perfect lighting conditions and taking both stills and action photos has pleased me no end.

Of course, the holidays were another fun time for the camera:

Up close (hello sis!) or clear across the yard (under the watchful eye of my husband)–I do like this lens!!

Anyway, needed to share that I chose a camera that is light enough not to aggravate my carpel tunnel and capable of the full range of my use of it. So perhaps there will be more photos used on my blog this year than in the past.

Dear Lord, thank You for my camera and the blessing of opportunities to use it. +Amen.

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