Statement of Where I Stand

Guess what people? I consider ABORTION=MURDER.

There, I have said it. I am against the murder of a baby for any reason. No argument has ever been made that will sway me. No argument has ever been made that would make keeping it legal OK with me. Those, like the Democratic candidate for president, who are in favor of abortion through all 9 months gestation, are in favor of murdering viable full-term babies. If you vote for such a person you are helping to promote that agenda. Turn your back on me–I do not care. If you can stomach voting for anyone who is not just neutral but IN FAVOR of the murder of viable, full-term babies, I am sorry for you and pray for the salvation of your soul.


Any culture that forces women to think that murdering the child in their womb is their only option is EVIL. Such a culture has bought into the culture of death and certainly deserves to die out completely. I pray our people wake and fight back against this creeping evil that has infiltrated our culture. Christians are meant by God to be partisans of the Culture of Life; time to pray and act like it. Vote Life.

Dear Lord, have mercy on our country and give us the president who will most shift the government in the direction of Your will and have mercy on the souls of those who elect politicians who vote in favor murdering babies and on those politicians themselves. Please wake up Christians and help them see what they must do to save the Christian culture that was ours. +Amen.

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