The Attitude of Saints

I’ve been baffled by the serene attitude of saints who, no matter how odd a turn their lives take, are all, “it is God’s will for me” and they are all happy about it. I mean, REALLY? Who can be all cheerful about your plans blowing up in your face? Or a week of setbacks followed by showing up for an appointment only to find the professional forgot to write you in? And yet, for some odd reason, I felt a glimmer this week of why the Saints are so zen about unexpected turns.

This past week has been one of setbacks. My days went badly and I didn’t get so much done. I felt fairly unhappy about it and in the past I would have been livid. Yet I found myself feeling bad without getting mad.

Then today I arrived at an appointment and the professional had actually forgotten to pencil me in when we made the appointment and I write it into my planner as we talked about how I liked using one. And I was OK with it, and took it as an opportunity to enjoy my book before my visit to the chiropractor.  I had my plan, it went awry, and the result was very nice.

Now, would I have been so calm if the result was NOT so nice? Probably not, it isn’t like I have developed that degree of virtue, but maybe if I can see a setback with a nice result as God’s will intervening in my plans, then I will eventually gain some sort of calm trust about it when it isn’t nice.

Dear Lord, thank you for the example of the Saints. Help us to lean on You and trust You when our plans get knocked off course. +Amen.

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