Books! Catholic Fiction and Non-Fiction

After enjoying a lovely conversation on religion and history, I promised to send a write-up of the books I had mentioned. Maggie, this post is for you. 🙂

Catholic and fun and history.

So, I will begin with the works of fiction I thought she would enjoy.

Declan Finn writes wild action adventures, in modern settings, but often with historical roots and themes.

The Pius Trilogy is my first suggestion. These are: A Pius Man, A Pius Legacy, and A Pius Stand.

In addition are books such as Pius Tales which are background short pieces on some characters, and Pius History which is the history behind the trilogy. Read them AFTER the stories or you might spoil some of the fun. Also, there are a lot of characters and you might want to take notes as mysterious figures show up in the story and who saw them, who knows whom, etc.

The same author put out the books IT WAS ONLY ON STUN, HONOR AT STAKE, and CODENAME:WINTERBORN.  The first was hysterically funny once you sorted out the characters. The second is about vampires in the modern day who “do not sparkle, they burn.” The Third is a thriller that I have not yet gotten to read, but I think I will enjoy it too.

I recommend Karian Fabian also.  Her Nuns are in religious service–in SPACE. She has a Catholic dragon private eye named Vern. And Neeta Lyffe is a zombie hunter. LOVED them.  I would start with GREATER TREASURES, a Dragoneye PI story. Then jump into NEETA LYFFE I LEFT MY BRAINS IN SAN FRANCISCO.  I am eagerly awaiting DISCOVERY, her newest book, which is about her space-faring Nuns.

On a more serious note: CHAMPIONS OF THE ROSARY is a new book out about the rosary, its history, significant historical figures, and a section on how to pray it effectively.  I particularly enjoyed the history section where the author traces the development of the elements that eventually became our modern Rosary. There is evidence for various prayers in particular forms in use earlier in period in certain circumstances and for certain populations. Cool book.


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