Camera Thoughts

I’ve loved cameras since forever. My first camera was a Kodak and took cartridges and flash-cubes, and with it I learned how to frame a picture.

I still have that little camera. There are a lot of good memories in it.

Later, my parents purchased my first Canon AE-1 for me. It was my camera through all my photography courses in college and I found a zoom lens that became my favorite lens to keep on my camera. I used the AE-1 so much that I wore out key components, purchased my second AE-1, and went on taking pictures with my favorite old zoom. I miss that old, pre-autofocus, pre-digital 70-210 zoom.

We all get older, and technology changes. The first auto-focus cameras were slow. I could focus and shoot faster. But the sharpness of my vision decreased a bit and the auto-focus improved and I added an autofocus Rebel film camera. I enjoyed that camera for a long time.

The day came when getting film developed was becoming mail order only and even the pros were turning to DSLR’s. At that point, 20 years from my first SLR, I stepped into the “modern age” with a Canon D30 and a somewhat slow zoom with image stabilization. Good system for its time. I am still using it. However, with a good lens on it, this is 3 pounds in the hand and only 3 megapixels.

We age and a heavy system becomes painful to use. I found myself using the camera in my iPad. Fun with that huge screen, but no camera for me.  I cannot NOT take pictures anymore than I can stop writing stories. I snap quick shots with the iPad camera which weighs a smidgen over 1 pound.

I had to face reality. Unless I could find a good camera that did not cause me pain my days as a photographer were over. Enter an article on Facebook (good old Popular Photography) with a pro talking about the virtues of the new category of a “bridge camera” and how he used them in his professional work. I read the article and started looking into cameras.

I looked at DSLR’s. I have been a user of the system I own for too long not to consider upgrading the body and keeping my current lenses.    Still too heavy, but the new DSLR’s are an interesting bunch. I briefly considered a three generation old used DSLR but decided the weight issue made that a problem.

I am considering a bridge camera with a magnificent zoom lens and HALF the weight of my too heavy DSLR. It has my favorite functions from the SLR, 12.8 megapixels but a smaller sensor, and non-SLR abilities like PANORAMIC.

Dear Lord, there are times when decisions are complicated. Please help us to understand what we need to do the jobs now and in the near future. Amen. +

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