Getting distracted vs. blocked

I’ve been blogging on the virtues inherent in “tidying up” which includes the goals of getting rid of clutter and excess.  When these goals are not being met, there are reasons. Sometimes we get blocked from the plans we make, sometimes we get distracted. Most of my plans are somewhat dependent on my husband’s work progressing and leaving me spaces to transform-that would be blocked. Sometimes I get distracted by tools I think I need but could probably work around–that is distraction. So, here I sit, still not doing much in the way of images for my blog and I feel tool-blocked but I am probably mostly distracted.

Tool-blocked is the state of being where one lacks an essential component for the work to continue–often a particular tool, hence the name. In my case, I need two things. I need hubby’s projects to wrap up and begin to clear space for me to work and I need a camera. For the blog, the camera is a tool, but I have other tools that can do portions of the task. So really, the only blockage is the lack of spaces. I must be patient. Patient is a problem for me.

Distracted means I think I need the camera and while there is evidence that it is needed, there is also evidence that I could live without it as well. So, I think my needing a camera is a distraction.  I have a 20 yr old digital SLR and it works but it is only 3 megapixals and heavy enough to make my carpel tunnel flare up. I have an iPad with camera which is light and easy to use but the image quality is limited by the tiny sensor and limited lens.

I’ve been angry about feeling blocked getting frustrated, and depressed in turns. I’m sad right now because I had these lovely plans that only required my husband to remove things that belonged elsewhere, which I cannot relocate myself, and leave the space open. I tell myself to be patient. I would rather scream.

Other than that, it is mostly about getting rid of things I don’t use, don’t want, and which take up space better left open. I want to blog on success. So far, there hasn’t been much success. I should give up fussing over what I cannot control and do something I can do, even if it is so small it makes no visible difference–at this time. Anything, even if it makes no difference now, will help later on when the blocks end.

The entire camera bit is a post all of its own. I should write up my rambling back and fourth camera debate and post it too.

God bless!

Dear Lord, please help us all to get rid of what we do not need to free up space in our own lives and to free us to give more to others who are in need. Amen.+

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