Visualizing A Tidy Home V–The Living Room

I’m still blogging on my responses to the book THE LIFE-CHANGING MAGIC OF TIDYING UP by Marie Kondo. Today I wanted to think on my Living Room. My living room is a long room, a bit on the narrow side, with lots of but in shelves and cabinets. Storage is no problem there, but getting to the storage is! Too much stuff left over from the last move, sitting there, in boxes, and I cannot find what I need, and I suspect a lot of that needs to GO.

But today I am to be visualizing. So here I go.  I see sheer curtains on the tall windows. This room has a lot of natural light, but is a bit poor on artificial light. There is a long deep window seat that, given a nice mattress, could double as a bed, but then it would be too high to use for seating. It is wood, but serves nicely as a couch. I like sitting there. There are wall sconces that make good reading light on the window seats.

I see my project bins, clear plastic so I can see what is in each one, on the deep shelves. I can see my sewing machine set up at one end of the room, seat back to the type-writer cabinets. facing the length of the room. I’d like a lego table at the far end–maybe. Visualizing is not as easy as one might expect it to be!

I can see a desk and the type writer display cabinets separating the living room from the front entry. I see this bright sunny room as the perfect space for sewing. There is enough storage, and friends who come over are crafters, sewers, and costumers, so it is decorated perfectly well for social.

I would like a door added between the library and the living room. Wood with a cut glass or etched glass door. That would separate the bottom of the stairs from the living room, and help steer the children away from my sewing.

This room, with the deep shelves would also be wonderful for my musical instruments. And there is a wall for one more book case if we need it. Might be an idea, to put every book on clothing, fashion, sewing, and tailoring in that room.

I am starting to worry that my visualizing is boring.

Dear Lord, please help me to use my space effectively, get rid of excess, plan for the future and never return to clutter. +Amen.

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