Visualizing A Tidy Home III–The Kitchen

Once more, I visit the topic of visualizing my space. This is supposed to help me learn the mind-set that will make keeping a tidy home possible. I am getting these ideas from the book THE LIFE-CHANGING MAGIC OF TIDYING UP by Marie Kondo.  Today, I am visualizing my kitchen more fully.

I have a lovely huge kitchen. It has granite counter-tops which are pretty. The backsplash is white tile with colored tile here and there in a random pattern. The cabinets, a bit battered, are cherry. The appliances are a mix. There are black and white and stainless finishes on them. The longest stretch of counter-top faces a wide window. The other counters are shorter. A peninsula divides the kitchen from the entry and gets light from the tall entry windows. The peninsula is a low breakfast bar that allows seating on both sides.

Right now, the lovely long counter is buried. The breakfast peninsula is buried under tools and supplies. And there is a HUGE table filling up the middle of the kitchen, turning a spacious kitchen into a very crowded space. Furthermore, I can hardly find the table under all the things.  The remaining counters are cluttered, bottles and jars sit out, making cleaning the surface difficult. The sink is large and deep, a very nice sink, but the space is cramped by the addition of two upright freezers.

I visualize the kitchen as it ought to be! The table in the middle is gone! The many things on the long counter are also GONE. The bottles and jars on the counters have found a place to be, either in a bin on the pantry shelf, or in the cupboards.  The pots have been sorted into those that work with the current cooktop, in the drawers below the cooktop, and the rest disposed of in whatever manner I decide on that step.

The long counter is empty, a lace curtain filters the light and lends a degree of femininity to the space. Several large colorful pots line up against the backsplash, otherwise, the counter is empty.  There is a small sink with a short counter space, the coffee maker is there. This location is conveniently situated near the entry to the kitchen. Sodas fill the small under counter refrigerator, and make this a great spot to grab a beverage. Glasses fill the cupboard above on one side and mugs on the other. The mugs are mis-matched and cheerful.

Dear Lord, help me to put the kitchen to rights. Help me to be absolutely firm about what belongs in a kitchen and what should never be left in the kitchen. Please help me to have a clean kitchen because the counters can be seen and easily cleaned. Thank you for the abundance that the kitchen represents and help me to keep it appropriately. +Amen.

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