Visualizing A Tidy Home II–The Entry

Continuing with visualizing my home as directed to in the book THE LIFE-CHANGING MAGIC OF TIDYING UP by Marie Kondo, I am thinking only of the front entry, the first view visitors have of my home, and my first sight each time I return home.

Right now, the front door bumps up against some things my husband has stored there. When the things that do not belong here first arrived, it was supposed to be temporary. I can do with anything temporarily. I have, sadly, had to face the fact that what I consider temporary and what my husband considers temporary are NOT the same thing. This has led to some strife that is unhealthy for the relationship.

I am now visualizing how I WANT it to look.

First, I approach the doors and the wide entry of windows and glass doors are welcoming. I step inside and the entry is spacious and uncluttered. The piano is on the facing wall, and to my left is a nice bench with places for shoes or boots. A wicker basket next to the bench holds children’s shoes, folded umbrellas, and a couple of jackets.

To the Right of the front door as I close it behind me, are two nice chairs, matched in size but not in color. It looks like a welcoming spot for two people to sit and chat, or watch someone at the piano. There is even a tiny table that is perfect for holding two drinks.

The right hand “wall” isn’t really a wall at all. There are three glass cabinets dividing the entry from the living room. In the glass cabinets are antique type-writers, no two alike. They say, “this is the home of a writer.” In front of the glass cabinets is a tiny table just large enough to hold one old type-writer for children and curious people to touch and explore.

Directly ahead, the archway to the left of the piano goes to what you can see is a very tidy library.

Further left, there is a clear view into the kitchen. It is uncluttered as well, and quite open and large.  Everything is bright and cheerful. A little robotic vacuum is making its way about the space working to keep it tidy.

Dear Lord, thank you for such a nice entryway. Thank you for the things I already own that belong in that entry. Thank you that soon the things that do not belong there will be gone. +Amen.


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