Historical Fiction for U.S. History

Did you know that Louis L’Amour would scour libraries, court houses, and museums for original source materials such as diaries, old letters, records of all sorts, in addition to newspapers before writing his stories? Supplement a unit study with his books or build an entire unit study around them, Mr L’Amour’s intense research makes his stories a good source for educational enrichment.

His westerns are Historical Fiction and better researched than nearly anything else in that genre.  Westerns are a form of Historical Fiction that often gets overlooked. As parent educators we have the opportunity to bring history to life for our children with biographies and well researched historical fiction.  For the history of these United States, there is hardly any author better than Louis L’Amour.

So as you teach American History, and after the Little House books are read by the younger children, give the growing mind another set of stories to enjoy. Give them a stack of books by Louis l’Amour,

Currently his Short Stories are being reprinted. So far, the Louis L’Amour short stories are: Vol. 1, Vol. 2, & Vol. 3: Frontier Stories, Vol. 4 part 1 and,  for pre-order on Amazon, Vol. 4 Vol 2:Adventure Stories. Currently in print and at a reasonable price,

These collections of his short fiction do double duty for teaching American History, American Literature, and the Literary form of the Short Story.

Dear Lord, please bless the parents who choose to educate their children well. +Amen,

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