FUN!! A realistic doll!

I purchased two dolls from the Lammily company.  Why? Well, they have created a doll with the AVERAGE measurements of a 19 year old girl. Thus, the doll is athletic looking. She is healthy and normal looking. She looks real. AND she appears both pretty AND intelligent!  I am a delighted parent!

Why two? Well, one for my child, one for me to use as a model for making clothing. I like doing garb for SCA activities, but don’t really want to make much for myself. I also like to explore various periods of clothing without the need to wear it myself.  I also can make the garb with very little expense and give it to my child to use for dressing up the doll.

I can also make garb for both child and her doll that MATCHES. The sort of thing many kids like very much. Kids also like natural looking dolls.  Me too!

I learned some of my sewing skills by trying to make clothing for my Barbie (I was horrible at it!). But clothing never looks right on a Barbie– she is just too oddly shaped.  THIS doll is going to be far more fun to garb!

I am very glad to be able to give my child a doll with a normal appearance that will encourage a healthy self image. The doll is also jointed for more natural movement, more action doll than merely one that is stiff.

They make stickers to allow the child to put scars on the doll to match their scars– encouraging a positive body image even when that image is marked by surgeries or other changes.

They have plans for a broader range of ethnicity so your child’s doll can be selected to match her– or just so her dolls don’t all look the same. Delightful!

Dear Lord, thank you for a doll like this. Help every person learn to value themselves as they are and know that You love them. +Amen.

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