Rosary with Gratitude

The Rosary is the most amazingly versatile prayer ever. Yesterday I prayed the Glorious mysteries twice, once on my own after Reconciliation and once with the congregation before Mass, so this lovely morning I did not wish to repeat the same set of Mysteries yet again. So I chose the Luminous Mysteries and made my focus on each those Sacraments  and sacramentals reflected in them and how grateful I am that the Sacraments were given to us through the Church.

Baptism of the Lord

I cannot pray this mystery without thinking about how odd it used to seem that Jesus, who is sinless, had to be Baptized like any of us sinners. Not long ago it suddenly hit me out of the blue, and I am certain my readers knew this before me but I am slow at times, that Jesus was Baptized because that was His way of blessing all the waters of the world for their future use in the Sacrament. He who is perfect was Baptized to make effective the Sacrament of Baptism for the rest of us. The gratitude wells up in me and I say Thank You, before I begin the decade.

Wedding at Cana

This mystery is about a wedding that ran out of wine so Jesus made a LOT of wine happen. He did it because His Mother asked Him to do something. Jesus both teaches us about the effectiveness of His mother’s intercession and gives her a voice to show us how she would have us act. “Do Whatever HE Tells You To Do” and that is all she said! He also brings a blessing to the wedding itself, and points us to the importance of the Sacrament of Marriage. His first miracle is for the sake of a marriage. And again, gratitude wells up and I say, Thank You, before I begin the decade.

Public Ministry of Jesus

This wonderful mystery covers a LOT of ground. In His miracles, Jesus sometimes uses very physical things, like MUD, to bring about the miraculous healing. He sends others to the authority of the Priests to have their healing confirmed. I see in these miracles a blessing of medicine and of the Church’s use of physical things like oil, and Holy Water, and other sacramentals. Jesus used physical things, so we do too. I find myself filled with gratitude and I say Thank You, for doctors and other medical experts, and for the sacramentals, and for the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick.


What a cool mystery! Jesus, with two of His favorite disciples, goes up on the mountain and His Glorified self is made visible to them and they see Him conversing with Elijah and Moses. Jesus, who is the fulfillment of Prophesy and the Law. Jesus who fulfilled the Old Covenant, that is, He completed it and established His own, New Covenant. Jesus who makes our salvation under the New Covenant possible. Of course, the two disciples were clueless at this point, and very impressed, but they weren’t to comprehend all this until much later. We are so fortunate to be on this side of the Resurrection so I say, Thank You for fulfilling the Old and establishing the New.

Last Supper, First Eucharist

OH this one is so amazing. Imagine being in the upper room on the night Jesus established the central Sacrament of the Mass! Eucharist, with the bread and wine as the Old Testament Priest, Melchiezedek, did, Jesus sets the groundwork. And there was even the first to receive unworthily. Poor Judas, I feel so sorry for him. I am grateful for the Sacrament of the Eucharist, and say Thank You before beginning this last Luminous Mystery.

Dear Lord, thank You for all the lessons we can receive while praying the Rosary and thank You for the Rosary. Please inspire all Christians to participate in prayer every day. +Amen.

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