Review of Magnificat magazine: Depth of devotionals in a practical package.

Magnificat  is a monthly magazine of daily devotionals for Catholics published Yonkers, NY. The issue I have in my hand is the April issue with a special supplement included for Holy Week. My first impression is positive, the paper cool and smooth in my hand, the pages easy to flip, the text easy on the eyes, and the size just right to keep handy.

There is a richness to the material that feeds the soul. The cover art is lovely and a commentary on that art is found near the back of each issue. A brief greeting from the editor and an Editorial begin each issue, setting the tone.   The prayers include blessings for the month. There is a Hymn of the month.

I could see a family using this magazine each month and sharing simple portions with the smallest members and more complex material as they grow ready for it. There is material to feed the mature Catholic who knows the faith well, and the Catholic only just beginning to learn about the faith and prayer. This would make a great gift for a newly Confirmed Catholic, adult or teen.

The pattern of each day’s prayers relate to the Liturgy of the Hours and night prayer is included so that an individual or whole family might pray that short part of the daily office together.

Each issue includes a breadth of materials including: prayers, psalms, antiphons, readings, meditations, stories of Saints, the Order of the Mass, Adoration, and other material appropriate for anyone following the Liturgical Calendar. This gives the subscriber the beauty without having to carry a heavy book. Depth of devotionals in a practical package.

Magnificat is easy to use. Easy to put in a purse, back pocket, briefcase, book or computer bag. The feel of each issue is substantial and sturdy. The paper has a nice quality to it, the text is clear and legible, and the instructions and headings are clearly set apart from the prayers in red text. The combination of colors, and the use of italics, makes it easier to find what you are seeking.  Included are all the prayers and they are EASY to find.

The only downside is they are a monthly and eventually will need to be recycled and that pains me when each issue is so very good.

I VERY highly recommend.

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