Review of Magnificat magazine: Depth of devotionals in a practical package.

Magnificat ┬áis a monthly magazine of daily devotionals for Catholics published Yonkers, NY. The issue I have in my hand is the April issue with a special supplement included for Holy Week. My first impression is positive, the paper cool and smooth in my hand, the pages easy to flip, the text easy on the eyes, and the size just right to keep handy. There is a richness to the material that feeds the soul. The cover art is lovely and a commentary on that art is found near the back of each issue. A brief greeting from the editor … Continue reading

Vatican Website Dreadful

I have to agree with the Curt Jester. The web site for the Vatican was bad before and now it is even worse. The vatican needs to contact someone like James Shields (Dallas TX area) who is a professional and GOOD at web design. Tell him what they need their site to do, then get out of the way and let him design it for them. It would then work, look good, and be respectful of the dignity of the material it is expected to convey! Dear Lord, please help the Vatican staff figure out that they do not have … Continue reading