Why I Am Pro-Life

I am Pro-Life because I hold firmly the principle of non-aggression. Abortion is an act of aggression against a living person in a womb. Two reasons given for this act of aggression being allowed are “it is my body” and “it is an act of aggression against me that this person co-opted my womb.”  I disagree. An act of aggression can only be committed by a person free to choose to do otherwise and the embryo has no choice in the matter of where he or she ends up. In this, the embryo in your womb is more victim than aggressor.

In my mind, “it is my body” is like saying “it is my apartment” and the whole embryo as aggressor thing simply fails logic. Here is why:

Pregnancy is the result of the reproductive act. The reproductive act is like kidnapping in that the person in your womb is there because you did the act that put him there. Abortion is like you and a partner kidnapping a man off the street, tying him up in your apartment, then you shoot him for being there. Even rape is no excuse where you are forced at gun-point to kidnap a man and tie him up in your apartment and then you shoot the kidnaping victim for being in your apartment when the rapist is the criminal.

Might as well let you know up front that even if I was not already pro-life because I hold to the principle of non-aggression, I would be pro-life because I am Catholic. I hold all the points in Humanae vitae  and Evangelium vitae to be true. Go read them, then look at the date on Humanae vitae and get goose bumps because it is prophetic!

Dear Lord, thank You for the secular principle of non-aggression and the teachings of the Catholic Church, both of which are pro-life. Help all persons to think it though and be saved. +Amen.

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