Same Data, Different Conclusion

Two women were studying the dispute between the Orthodox and the Catholic on the proper role of the Bishop of Rome. ¬†They read the same history, often from the same books. They read the arguments for both rejection of Papal authority and the arguments in favor of Papal authority. They agreed that the extreme authoritarianism practiced by some Popes was not an essential component of the Primacy of Rome. They agreed that the early Church exhibited an attitude honoring Rome in a special way. Both found Pope Francis’s approach to the Papacy refreshing and much more the way it appeared … Continue reading

Dogma vs the merely political

I recently had a conversation with a fellow Catholic whose understanding of the teachings of the Church was in error on a very important point. Catholics do not have to treat opinions as dogmas. Nor do we have to adhere to the political positions of the Vatican STATE which has secular functions. Catholics are obliged to adhere to the teachings of the Catholic church on issues of Faith and Morals. Dogmas and doctrines deal with these issues. Personal opinions and political agreements do not. For example, even if I did not already oppose abortion based on the principle of non-aggression, … Continue reading