Other Person’s Glad Tidings

I’ve recently noticed something about myself; I noticed that when I am sad and in difficulties, reading about something good happening to a friend or acquaintance helps me feel hopeful.  That is one of the reasons that community is so important.  We create little groups, sometimes in person, sometimes online, sometimes a mix of the two, and in that little group we share back and forth about the events of our lives to the benefit of the community.

Today was disappointing. We’re in the midst of something I’ll tell about someday but not yet. I am anxious and unhappy. I am struggling to keep my energies up and my focus on day to day activities.  I’m trying hard to avoid obsessing about my big hairy problem.

Then I hop online and see that someone was asked to submit her book idea to a publisher based on a pitch session. I am glad.

Someone else is finding her little girl’s ability to focus is helped hugely by diet changes and again, I am glad.

These examples of ordinary goodness are a huge help to me as I strive to keep hold of hope. I am grateful for each person who shared today because their sharing helped me. My community has persons getting good things.  I can hope that my turn may come but even if it does not, I see good things happening and am glad.

Dear Lord, thank You for good things that happen. Please have mercy and bring to my intention a resolution pleasing to God. Please help me to maintain hope and trust in God no matter His decision. +Amen.

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