Destruction of Purity

Several friends were discussing the the changes in our education system which even the parochial schools are embracing. We discussed a book assigned to middle school children written in first person from the perspective of a pedophile and everyone felt that it was not appropriate reading material for a child who is barely entering puberty.  They were wondering what the agenda was that caused the writers of this program to select a book about sexual deviancy for children who do not yet have their own healthy sexuality set solidly.  We agreed that the pornographic sex education was just wrong and now the trading out of great literature for sexual deviancy was simply more of the same, so WHY?  I had some thoughts and share them here.

Our God is a god of Purity. He commands that we exercise our free will, a gift from Himself to us at our creation, to curb and discipline our animal natures so as to bring them into conformity with Jesus’ example.

Destroy our purity and make the desire for purity to be abnormal, and there is a rift created, a breach, between ourselves and God.

So when the culture of death is given the chance to destroy the purity of our children and convince them that the desire for purity will make them unhappy and alone, they go for it.

This is about destroying the moral fiber of what made America great, but it is also about dividing the child from God as totally as they are able so that their souls will never find heaven. It is about human greed for power and the willingness of those persons to serve Satan in order to gain worldly power.

It is also about the FAILURE of Catholics to pray as spiritual warriors ought to pray. For every hidden Saint, praying his Rosary with faith and diligence, there are thousands of people who do nothing in the way of spiritual exercises, nothing in the way of an active CHOICE to become holy in their lives.

Over the past 20 years I have watched the old women and men die off and NOBODY TOOK THEIR PLACES in those little corners of pews praying the Rosary with focused faith. Once there were maybe 10 to 15 who came to the Mass, the Rosary before Mass was spoken loudly with many voices, and now, perhaps five at most.

Few large families, few persons praying Rosary before Mass, few prayer warriors. We are reduced to a remnant. Who will make the sacrifices to become the prayer warriors we need NOW?

I’m trying. Join me!

Dear Lord, please hear our prayers. Have mercy on all your people and help us to protect the children. Please help us to pray as we ought and multiply the numbers of young persons who pray with us. +Amen

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