Book of Jotham by Arthur Powers

The Book of Jotham by Arthur Powers is a powerfully written little book which I recommend with enthusiasm. I found it deeply moving, intense, and even jolting.  I cried off and on as I read it, want to read it again, and am recommending that EVERYONE who knows me, and anyone who reads this post run right out and get a copy and read it that same day!

Historical fiction is rarely this alive, present, full of energy.  Do read it!

The title character, Jotham, is a special needs person. There isn’t any sickly sweet idealization here. The physical realities are drawn with sensitivity.  The author does not shy away from the difficult. You find yourself loving this character, identifying with him, and rooting for him.

The setting is simply described with such skill that it is alive too, fulfilling its role in the story. We know the places, we know the history, but it is alive and present here. I could almost breath the dust of the roads, heat reflected from the stone of the buildings, and feel the stickiness of the salt air.

The individuals from history are carefully portrayed. The author brings them to vivid life through his viewpoint character. No matter how we think we know them from history, they seem so real in this story, as if we are walking with them and listening to them talk.

No matter what religion you espouse, this is a deep, rich story.  If you happen to share the Faith of Jotham, you will like it even more.

Dear Lord, thank You for the skills and inspiration with which you blessed Arthur Powers. Thank You for inspiring him to write this marvelous story. Please inspire the creativity of others to produce more stories with this degree of excellence. +Amen.

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