There is a Saint for That!

‘There is a Saint for that!’ I find the Saints one of the fun aspects of being Catholic. There are so many of them, and their stories are of regular people who lived heroically Catholic lives and so the Saints at the very least make excellent examples for us all. I find I relate to the faults in St. Jerome’s temperament (I too tend to be irascible!) but I want to respond more like St. Teresa of Avila, St. Josemaria Escriva, Blessed John Paul II, or Trudy Krise. Their examples are an inspiration to my efforts to live my vocation … Continue reading

Great Weight Write-Off: Last week’s best loser!

Rebecca did very well last week and won the Great Weight Write-off for the week. So here is a blurb about her so that my friends can go over to her blog and take a look. Spike her stats and pass the link around so more people can enjoy it. I’m a cradle Catholic who reverted to the faith in 2000. (Thank God!) I’m a wife, mom of 7, homeschooler, and writer. I write at my own blog Shoved to Them, Ignitum Today, and The American Catholic. I’ve also written a book for new homeschoolers which should be out later … Continue reading

Collections and Libraries

People create collections. Some collections fit in a notebook or a single drawer. Others, such as cars, require copious amounts of room. Collections can be kept small, a few objects on a single shelf, or they may fill a home with display cabinets. They may relate to the collector’s vocation or simply be a beloved hobby. I had a professor of Literature whose home was filled with row on row of loaded bookshelves. Another professor kept fewer books, but had a harp in her living room so she could recite Beowulf to music. People collect a variety of things. Some … Continue reading