Lenten Silent Retreat

Silent Retreats are a means of stepping away from the usual business of life and focus hard on God. As always, what I got out of my silent retreat is not what I expected to get out of my silent retreat. God always has plans that differ from what I expect even when I don’t think I expect anything in particular.

The retreat I participated in was held at Featherock Conference Center in Schulenburg Texas. As ALWAYS, the facility was spotlessly clean and well appointed inside, the grounds immaculately presented and beautiful, the food excellent, and the program well designed. The meditations, spiritual readings, Mass, Confession, and ample time for quiet introspection never fail to bring something unexpected to my attention.

The food was good, and my diet is a bust this week.  I confessed that failing along with a shockingly long list of faults and sins that showed up because I used a different guide than usual. Silent retreats have a way of granting clarity!

My clarity came in several areas, one of which was the need to express my love and appreciation for my spouse more openly.  I value him so very much but all too often I fail to TELL HIM.   So I drove the two hours home after the retreat and baked my hubby a triple batch of his favorite quiche. I hope to enact a number of changes for his benefit.  He is such a good husband and deserves the good I have not be doing!

Another area has to do with the time I spend with my children. I have not been getting my children, who are not good at being still or quiet, to Mass.  I have also spent too little time just playing with them and enjoying them.  It is uncomfortable and will require some sacrifices on my part, but I am quite convicted that my parenting while good, has not been anywhere as good as I am able!

Pride claims yet another victim.  It hit me out of the blue that pride has kept me from admitting my limitations; accepting those limitations so I can better serve my family will not be easy for me but now I see it as absolutely essential. I feel peaceful accepting this fault, and rather uncomfortable that it existed so long without my recognizing it.

I finally feel like my list of missions of the Church that my little bit goes to is complete.  So many good works and nobody can support all of them, so I have been giving a good bit of thought to where my donation money goes. I was reading about all sorts of ministries, I read about an ideal focus for the prayers and donations of a bibliophile with a passion for Church teaching. 🙂 “Friends of the Library” for the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome!

So, I feel rather fatter– but perhaps have gotten extra graces that will help me stick to the diet. 🙂
Dear Lord, thank You for the clarity, for the Sacraments, for the time to pause my life and pray, and for the grace to make the changes You have shown me I need to make. Please bless my family. +Amen.

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