Avenir Eclectia: an interesting story

Here is a book that looks interesting:

Avenir Eclectia: The colony the universe forgot. This novel-length anthology contains 138 microfiction stories by 18 authors, tales of space and planetside and the people who live there – each tale weaving into the others to create an overall tapestry image of the colony. Space station bureaucrats and rag-tag orphans, moon mining, underwater cities, telepathic sea creatures, giant bugs and extreme seasons are just the beginning. Get the paperback (254 pages) at http://amzn.to/ZO1ie7 for just $5.98 or the ebook for $2.99. Edited by Grace Bridges and Travis Perry, and published by Splashdown Books. New microfiction stories also appear twice weekly for free at www.avenireclectia.com.
Dear Lord, thank You for new books to read. +Amen.

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