Bodhran: a shallow drum traditionally used in Celtic music and similar to the flat drums used in some Native American music. I purchased my very first drum at the Winter Festival of Acoustic Music. Why a bodhran? It makes this marvelous sound, is light weight, easily stored and easily carried. The bodhran is an amazingly flexible little drum.  Also, I just like it.

It isn’t something I went to the festival expecting to purchase but as always the stimulus of music spurs my creativity and need to explore.  That, and the drum was discounted as was the bag to carry it.  Seemed to me a very good idea to buy it.  Next year I hope very much to enjoy a workshop on using this drum.

Meanwhile, I found this marvelous instructor on youtube:

There are so many ways to be inspired.  I am blogging this video today because I wanted to be sure to be able to find it again when I have a little time to pull out my new drum and practice some more.

Much of my life I limited my creative explorations, thinking them a waste of time better spent on serious work.  I finally learned that those explorations are what fuel the creativity in my “serious” work.  Thus, part of my vocation requires that I play and explore so that my creativity is fed. Feeding my creativity stimulates my imagination and my energies. I get more done because I make time to play.

Dear Lord, Thank You for music and people who love it so much that they teach. Please bless all the people who share their gifts with the rest of us. Please help each of us to make time to practice and be inspired to be more effective in all our other work. +Amen.

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