Pope Benedict Decides to Retire February 28, 2013

Our beloved Pope Benedict XVI has announced he will retire at the end of the month. February 28, 2012 will mark the end of his pontificate. He sites his health and mental acuity and the demands of the job as reasons for his decision.  May God bless him!

My first response was denial, next tears. He has been God’s man his whole life and never wanted to be Pope, planning instead after the enclave that elected him to retire to his home and write books. I feel gratitude for his service to God even when it was contrary to his stated desires for himself. Again, may God bless him!

Here is a special report from Church Militant TV on this historic event:

Something to think about the pontificate of Pope John Paul II: yes, some of his appointments turned out to be closet heterodox; however, it was the work of John Paul II to pull good orthodox believers into the priesthood and train them up to be future bishops which gave Pope Benedict XVI the pool of good orthodox men from whom to make Bishops for the Church.

I pray now for Pope Benedict XVI to be free to enjoy his retirement in peace and comfort and I pray for the next Pope and for the conclave that must do the work of prayer to elect the next Holy Spirit chosen Pope.

For more please go to Father Z’s blog.  He wrote several pieces about this abdication/resignation. It may still be a shock to me, hours since I last updated this post, as I am still shaking inside. Just WOW!

Dear Lord, bless Pope Benedict XVI and his successor. Please, guide the cardinals in the work of electing the next pope. Please bless the next Pope. Your will be done Holy Trinity. +Amen.

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