Great Weight Write-off: Check in 2/8/13

Not my best week. Stress and frustration got to me and I did not stick to the diet perfectly and therefore, I gained two pounds!  Just another check in on the Great Weight Write-off!

Frustrations must be faced rather than ignored. Problems must be handled assertively rather than letting the problems run you. I finally began to assert myself against those frustrating problems today. Today I got a grip on myself and started new.

Sadly, this week there is no weight loss victory of the variety that shows on the scale.  I gained and there isn’t anything I can do about that except shake it off and stick to my diet like I did today.

There were a couple of weight loss victories though.  I observed myself scarfing down the junk on Tuesday and was disgusted.  I received no pleasure from the chocolate and even less from how I felt about having given in to the temptation.

Then on Wednesday I had let the stress so distract me that I forgot to get my dinner out of the freezer.  No dinner, and not a thing in the refrigerator on my diet.  I did better this time though because I replaced the missing dinner with a salad of tomatoes, avocado, onion, feta cheese and a homemade oil and vinegar dressing.  So while the carbohydrate count was sky high, the actual meal was jam-packed with nutrition.  If one must bust on the carb count at least doing it with lots of healthy stuff is better than my chocolate binge (call two candy bars).

The main fail is, as Dr. Bernstein points out in his books, that my insulin and blood sugars were negatively influenced by those high carbs. No steady balance in my body but instead the high and low of too many carbs means that my body gained– and nothing can change that metabolic truth!

Too many carbohydrates will make a person fat.  Anyone who is too fat is very likely eating too many carbs for his body to handle. Fruit is very high in carbohydrates.  Fruit may give good nutrition along with the high carbs but it is still high carb.  Some foods are high carb foods no matter how many vitamins are included.  If the body is having issues with insulin and blood sugar stability, which it likely is when dealing with weight, then high carb is bad even when accompanied by good nutrition.

I recommend to anyone who is struggling to lose weight to get Dr. Bernstein’s book, The Diabetes Solution and his shorter book, The Diabetes Diet; Read one of them and take his advice.  The only difference between his diet books and what I do is that I recognize that my body does particularly badly with grains so I dropped them completely.

More good reading can be found in Gary Taubes’ book, Good Calories Bad Calories, or his shorter book, Why We Get Fat. I found his shorter book particularly easy to read.

Now to go warm up my coffee in the microwave.

Dear Lord, thank You for good healthy food. Thank You for the grace to resist temptation and for second chances when I fail to accept the grace You give. Thank You for new beginnings. +Amen.

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