The Great Weight Write-off: One Pound more!

Well, this week my weight did not change much.  I am down only a single pound from a week ago for a total one month weight loss of 18 pounds! I am very happy over this.

This week had its challenges.  I had to fast for blood work and ate a burger afterwards, and several times I have taken a bite of fruit that was not on my approved list.  Too many carbs= little or no weight loss.

On the up side, I can see that the small amount of cheating put me very much at a maintenance level of eating and that will allow for enough additional veggies to make a nice uber-healthy permanent diet.

Over-all, I am pleased to be on track in spite of my cheats. I must do better and avoid any and all cheating.  My goal is more important than that momentary pleasing flavor on the tongue!

I also did my end of the month card and posted the new one over the old one. I listed all the new measurements and then wrote the change in a new column. The new card is now posted at my desk.

My largest measurement loss was 4 1/2 inches off the bust followed by a 3 inch loss off the hips; smallest loss was 1/4 inch off the ribs. Only my upper arm did not decrease any and I suspect that is because the empty flap of skin droops down and I resisted the urge to compress it. It feels emptier and sags like there is less fat in it!

Dear Lord, Thank You for the successes. Thank You for the grace to resist temptations and stick to the healthy diet plan. Thank You for those whose research into human metabolism helps me to know how to eat for my health.  Please help all of us to see that our vocations include caring for our own health properly and grant us the graces we need to grow in self discipline. +Amen.


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