Opus Bono Sacerdotii

Fr. Z shares about a ministry to retired priests who have fallen through the cracks and are not being supported in their old age. Opus Bono Sacerdotii help for priests who have nowhere else to turn is filling a need that I did not know about until Fr. Z shared about them. Please visit their web site.

I feel heartbroken that good priests, men who have been spiritual fathers and faithfully served Christ and His Church are forgotten in such a way!  Apparently not every diocese has done what they ought to have done to prepare a place for these good men to live out their lives in security.

No wonder God is allowing us to experience so much instability in our country. Those things which no Christian should permit are being tolerated, and those things which no Christian should leave undone are being left undone so we need to suffer the consequences.

Dear Lord, please touch many hearts that this failure be remedied, and help all who need to repent be helped to repent and change their way of living. Please have mercy on my soul. +Amen.

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