Stand Up and MOVE!

Stand up and get moving for your health. Over at the Catholic Writer’s Guild is a great post titled, “Creaky Bones? Fitness for Writers” which I found inspirational and reminded me of some things I have done for my health but let slide. Keeping my body healthy is an important part of fulfilling my vocation. It is also important to show my children a good example.

I used to do all my internet activity from a desk stationed for standing only. I loaded all my favorite move my body music onto that computer and would play music while I surfed and read email, dancing to the music while I worked.

I need to re-establish my internet AT that station. I miss it. Currently it is not in use because hubby got busy with a project that needed that space. Once that project is done, my station goes back up and I will be writing these blog posts while movin’ and groovin’.

Meanwhile, the before-mentioned article has all sorts of excellent suggestions. I would add that a fitness trainer at the gym who talks with your physical therapist or chiropractor can do a lot to help you improve fitness while avoiding aggravating injuries.  I miss going to the gym mostly because I enjoyed my trainer.  A good friend who knows you well can make a really good workout partner too.

Still, the one BEST thing I ever did was add music and a standing desk for my internet.  It prevented me from sitting on the internet all day, and the space around the desk was just big enough to dance around a bit to the music.  Waltz and Tango are fabulous, but anything with a beat that makes me move my feet is marvelous!

Dear Lord, thank You for our bodies abilities to move and heal. Thank You for good health and the internet. Please help us to move and be healthier. May the Holy Trinity be praised. +Amen.

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