The Great Weight Write-off: 01-18-13

The Great Weight Write-off update! This week was busy with two attempts at getting an MRI.  I have a fractured and slightly displaced tailbone (part of the car accident injuries–now proven). Yes, I am in pain. (:-P

Weight 229
Waist 43
Bust 52
Hip 53

Down side: I have three times not felt hungry, forgotten breakfast, and ended up with low blood sugar and the expected emotional crash, followed by carb cravings. I know better! The Android now alarms at 9 AM to remind me that if I have not eaten that I am LATE. This alarm joins the one set for 1:00 PM to tell me that I am late for lunch.  Anyway, I missed breakfast three days running and then I did a stupid move with the exercise. I tested out my range of motion by slowly moving through my belly dance movements– this was a BIG mistake, when they say no exercise they mean it!  I have felt ILL since yesterday.

Insight: On this diet I stop feeling hungry. I have been a slave to cravings caused by blood sugars bouncing for so long that I no longer FEEL the normal signals of a normal hunger. I’ve had to set alarms for eating or I miss meals. If the doctor says no exercise, it means NONE.

This week, I intend to add a small amount of broccoli to a meal.  AND I am still wanting to find someone to teach me how to use my Breviary.

Dear Lord, thank You for the new insights into my health, and for doctors who try to help us heal. + Amen.

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