Trial by MRI

Prayer and a stiff dose of medicine to calm my anxieties worked in tandem to get me through my second attempt at a closed MRI.

Being a rather fat woman, it felt snug. Yesterday’s attempt resulted in shaking, tears, and panic. Not at all pleasant and rather embarrassing.

Today I daydreamed, enjoyed the uninterrupted time to think in peace, said a relaxed 33 prayer rope (Chotki) like my Orthodox buddy Maria uses, and a decade of a rosary, counted out on my fingers. I spent time thinking about such theological truths as the reality of the Holy Trinity along with a bit of time contemplating each of the Three Persons in the ONE God.

I also thought about the book I am reading, by Karina Fabian, the one with Mensa in the title. I’m still high and not remembering the whole title– it is good fun.

I thought about our place where we plan to retire, and dreamed up how I want to use the rather oddly shaped rooms in the cabin.  I enjoy organizing how it might be.

I thought a bit about TV. Big Bang Theory and Downton Abbey.  Enjoyable programs.

I thought about my skeleton I saw on the CT scan and X-rays taken at the hospital the day of my accident, thinking again of that cute skeleton that is mine, and again thinking about how I can have the body that goes with that cute little skeleton.  I need only stick on my diet.  I goofed with an oatmeal cookie after the MRI, but that is way less than what I might have done in the past.

Prayer was the mainstay of my thinking though.

I’m still high from the medication I took, but the easy drift-y “thinking about God” took me through 35 minutes in the MRI, and then 45 minutes in the MRI. It was a bit stuffy in there and I wished the fan blew a bit harder, but here I sit, relaxed and glad to have it behind me.

Now my doctor can see if we need to alter the physical therapy to get me back to where I was before the accident.

May God, the One in Three Persons, be praised and glorified forever. Amen.

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