Ice and Fire Crown Tournament January 12, 2013

Ice and Fire Crown Tournament is a big Society for Creative Anachronism event for Ansteorra, hosted this year by the Shire of the Shadowlands.  I attended, had a lot of fun, and participated by helping to prepare all the food for the Soup Kitchen we set up for lunch for what may have been around 150 people or so. [official count 206 persons attended the event!]

The cooking started in December.  I prepared the base for the beef stew and had planned to take it to a work day at Isabelot de Florin’s house but had a wreck that morning. So, we bagged and froze the base and when I was able, I took it to Isabelot’s and it went into her freezer.

Several work days, and I don’t know how many hours Isabelot put in besides, resulted in the most incredible chicken soup with more layers of lovely flavor than you can imagine possible in a chicken soup, top it off, it was gluten free!  She also made a fabulous leek and mushroom soup that was vegan for those who prefer.  The beef stew was fairly traditional, and she took the meat and veggies I made and we chopped and cooked in beef broth more veggies to expand the stew.

Small loaves of bread were arranged and a gluten free basket of bread was provided. Even the deserts offered two gluten free options, brownies and scones. It was all good and presented nicely in baskets.

On the day we began at 9AM to get the food ready. Setting up camp stoves under the tent, we struggled in the cool breeze to get the stew pots to heat up enough to be ready to serve at noon. Luckily for us, the rest of the activities got a nice relaxed start and so we had a bit more time to get ready.

Coffee, tea and hot cocoa were set up early in the morning, and the gals in charge of the beverages kept us well supplied.  The delight of the kids to discover pickles, orange slices, and hot cocoa always pleases me.  Kids always have more fun if they have snacks regularly.

At last the food was hot, everything was out on the tables, and we were ready to serve. Word went out and all the people began to trickle in, we filled bowls when presented and had insulated cups for those who did not bring their own gear.  It appeared that everyone enjoyed the food a great deal. It was a joy to get everyone fed.

Later, after clean up, when the other activities wound up with the court, and awards were made, Kinna, who with Lord Paedric, did all sorts of work to make this event happen, rose to Lady Kinna! and Organa received a youth award called the Rising Star, and Orin who is always about helping with whatever needs help was awarded the Sable Crane.  We cheered and rejoiced, and had a lot of fun.

In addition to the food, I learned a new way to weave chord. It is interesting to pick up these new skills. I sat for a short time at the History display and looked at the books, pictures and artifacts from the many years this Shire has been in existence. It is wonderful to be part of something that has been around for quite a long number of years and work to keep it going and pass it on to the younger generations. Lord Paedric does a very good job keeping the history of our Shire and recording it.

I enjoyed listening to people practicing and playing period music, watched wonderful garb worn by the many participants, and helped the evening food crew get the food out on the tables for the Snow Ball and pot luck.  The decorations in the hall were wonderful, everyone seemed so relaxed and were clearly enjoying themselves. I was only slightly sorry to have to head home before it got dark.

It was a very good day.

Dear Lord, than You for helping each of us every day to do more than we ever thought possible. Thank You for the many wonderful people I have had the privilege of meeting. +Amen.

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