Difficulties in Raising Children CATHOLIC

Raising children to be good Catholics, true to the fullness of the Faith, is difficult enough with most of secular society teaching a different philosophy, but then we get nuns who teach heresies publicly and the Bishop does not announce that they are excommunicated.  Doesn’t the Bishop realize that by allowing this woman to continue in her errors without strong public correction he makes it harder for me to convince my children that her words are WRONG?

Sister Donna Quinn, a Chicago native who has been a Catholic nun for over 50 years, said it’s about time for Illinois to approve legislation that would legalize same-sex marriage. — The Deacon’s Bench

Silence, crickets chirping.  Here is a woman claiming to speak from the position of her Catholicism and religious orders who is teaching heresy.  SILENCE on the part of the Bishops. It is irrelevant in my world that somewhere in some book there is some rule that says she is wrong.  What our people HEAR is this NUN claiming to support a heretical movement, and HER BISHOP IS SILENT.  His silence gives legitimacy to her lobbying. HIS SILENCE tells the average person out there that it is perfectly OK to support same-sex marriage.

While up to now we regarded a false understanding of the nature of human freedom as one cause of the crisis of the family, it is now becoming clear that the very notion of being – of what being human really means – is being called into question.. —Pope Benedict XVI truth talking in his 2012 Christmas Address

I’m working hard at my vocation which includes the raising of children to be Catholic men and women.  The movements in the culture which attack at every turn our Catholic beliefs are bad enough, but what really gets me riled are the attacks that come from Catholics like this NUN and many Catholics in elected positions who push heresy onto the culture as normal and good and THE BISHOPS LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT.

Act like Bishops! If you have the authority and responsibility for the souls of your flocks then make a public condemnation of actual heretics. It would certainly go a LONG way toward helping me counter the evils taught in our society when educating my children in what is right and good.

And perhaps if my vocation as a mother gets a bit easier I will be freed up to help teach in the parish education programs.

Dear Lord, strengthen Your Bishops to speak out and use their authority to make clear and public declarations of Church teaching and corrections of those teaching heresy from within the fold. Help us all to teach Your Truths to our children and help them to live those Truths for all of their lives no matter how far from You the culture goes. Amen.


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