HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Clang the bells and welcome in 2013!  I very likely am sleep as this posts for me automatically (Thank God for WordPress!) but my heart is in the welcoming of the New Year. I hope for everyone much grace and many blessings in the coming year.

Remember that Jan I, 2013 is a Feast Day and Holy Day of Obligation. I hope everyone sings a wonderful Marian hymn or two to honor Mary, Theotokos.

Let us be sure to seek willful holiness, sanctity, and all the virtues in the coming year so that we become better examples of Christlike love.

Dear Lord, please help each one of us to grow in sanctity this year. Please bless us in our efforts to grow in our vocations. Please guide us in every decision so that true good is pursued. Thank You for the blessings of the year we leave behind, and thank You for the blessings that will come in the New Year.  Amen.

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